Christie Blew $300k on Food and Booze



The vast majority of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s expense account budget went to food and alcohol, according to an analysis of his ledger records by monitoring group New Jersey Watchdog.

Records show shopping sprees averaging nearly $1,500 at Wegmans supermarkets, and $82,594 paid to the operator of a concession stand at MetLife Stadium.

Christie gets $95,000 annually for expenses, on top of a $175,000 salary. He’s spent roughly $360,000 from that expense budget, with $300,000 going to food, drinks, and desserts. Read more at New Jersey Watchdog.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Why should any Shomer Torah u”Mitzvos care about trashy piece of news like the above? , shape up!

  2. Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but if it’s HIS salary and money to use – it’s not supposed to be used for the state’s expenses, but his – then why do we care what he spends it on? The money’s going to him anyway- it’s FOR HIM – so why does it matter that he uses most of his paycheck for food? I don’t get it.

  3. That sounds like a lot but this story doesn’t give us any context. How much is normal for Governor of a comparable state. Considering that entertaining a dignitary and his/her entourage at a nice restaurant could easily top $1,000, I’d like to see what other states spend before considering this an outrage.


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