Clifton: Boy Pinned Between Car and Van


roadThree people, including a child with serious head trauma, were injured today after a car sideswiped a minivan on a residential street in Clifton, NJ, and then turned into a driveway and sideswiped another minivan.

The car was traveling west on South Parkway when it struck a woman who was loading a child into a minivan parked on the street. Then, the car traveled further along the street before turning into a driveway of a home on the same side of the street, striking a 2-year-old boy as a babysitter was putting him into another minivan.

The boy, Yoel Feder, a son of Rabbi and Mrs. Avi Feder, was pinned between the car and the minivan. After he was extricated from the wreckage, he was transported to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Paterson. The babysitter was not injured, he said.

Aside from the child, the driver of the car and a woman injured when the vehicle struck the first minivan were taken to the hospital.

All are asked to say Tehillim for Yoel Ozer ben Chaya Malka.

{North Newscenter}


  1. I’m not sure the driver is a criminal. People at the scene say he was having a medical emergency when he lost control of the car.

    A mother who was also at the scene (a playgroup was letting out) was only slightly hurt and home before evening. We all could use tefillos, but her medical situation doesn’t call for more urgency than praying for the rest of us.

  2. After The Driver Hit The First woman.The Driver Must have Been so Shaken Up and That is what caused the next accident with the boy

  3. It is heartbreaking to hear of such an accident. We need to pray for a REFUA SHLEIMA.
    My thoughts are with Rafael Yoel and his family


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