Coke Removing Chemicals from Drinks


coca-cola-sodaFans of drinking fire retardants will have to get their fix elsewhere. Today, the Coca-Cola Company announced it will be removing a chemical from some of its drinks that contains bromine, an ingredient also found in fire retardants. It’s used to keep flavor distributed, but was dropped by PepsiCo earlier this year.

Coca-Cola says they will remove it from Fanta and Fresca by the end of the year, and globally at some point in the future. Read more at Reuters.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. “Coca-Cola says they will remove it from Fanta and Fresca by the end of the year,” Ever thought about taking it out of Coca-Cola?

  2. To #1: Yes–the same Kashrus issue that is with Carbon Dioxide.
    To #2: Ever thought that bromine is NOT in Coca-Cola?

  3. The best solution – quit drinking sodas. They’re basically just flavored water with tons of junk thrown in. Try juice, straight or diluted, iced tea or coffee, or even – imagine it! – water. Cut your calories and the strain on your liver at the same time.

  4. Its not bromine its brominated, as in the ion of bromine. Totally different. Also the ion is attached to a carbon which changes it even further. Bromine is incredibly deadly, just its vapors will burn your lungs.


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