Corzine to Freeze State Funding to ‘Corrupt’ NJ Cities


corzineGovernor Jon Corzine will sign an executive order today freezing state funding to any New Jersey municipality whose mayor has been charged with corruption and refuses to resign. The order will halt funding to Ridgefield where Corzine is considering a state takeover after Mayor Anthony Suarez was among 44 people — including two other mayors and two state lawmakers — arrested in a massive federal corruption probe that rocked the state last month.

Corzine has called on all elected officials charged in the probe to resign, but Suarez has refused, saying he’s confident he’ll be exonerated of allegations that he accepted a $10,000 bribe.

Corzine told The Record of Bergen County that he has directed the state comptroller to begin an immediate review of Ridgefield’s procurement practices, development contracts and records.

{1010WINS-NY/Noam Newscenter}


  1. i want to know what exactly corzine has to do with ethics?! was he not the person who drove recklessly and instead of being penalized he got flowers where we would have probably gotten suspension among other things. Sounds like “do as i say not as i do”


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