De Blasio Submits Bid For Amazon But Doesn’t Want You Shopping There


The same day city and state officials submitted a bid for Amazon’s second headquarters, dubbed HQ2, which would bring 50,000 well-paying jobs to the city, Mayor De Blasio complained to constituents about the dangers of big business.

“Something different is happening now that is very disruptive to communities. Some of this is economic and consumer choice based so a lot of people are turning to Amazon and other online options, that’s one of the factors,” Mayor de Blasio said at the Brooklyn Heights gathering Wednesday night.

“If you’re like me and you love your local neighborhood stores — your bakeries, your café, your clothing stores, all these things — then you need to spend your money there and not at Starbucks and not at other alternative places.” Read more at NY POST.





  1. I see all the weed this guy smoked is taking its toll. DeBlala’s brains are completely fried. It’s too bad the Republican party is dead in NYC. The Dems are already circling the wagons for the commy and he will win in a landslide of epic proportions. Way to go Neiderman.


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