Deadly Dangers Of Drinking Too Much Water


bottled-waterIt’s advice we hear over and over again: drink more water and you’ll be healthier. But in some cases, drinking too much water can be deadly.

As CBS2’s Maurice DuBois reported, marathon runner Frederic Lecao had experienced cramps during races in the past and wanted to do everything he could to avoid that again.

“I was literally taking a sip every five minutes,” said Lecao.

But when it came to staying hydrated, he overdid it and suffered severe consequences.

“I was literally on the ground screaming in pain,” he said.

Lecao drank almost 13 cups of water after a little more than half a marathon.
“My whole body shut down,” he said.

What he suffered from is called hyponatremia, a dangerously low level of sodium or electrolytes in the blood.

In the end, Lecao was lucky. Dr. Scott Weiss said the outcome could have been much worse.

“When it’s out of whack, and there is too much water and the sodium drops, there can be issues with the heart, there can be issues with the muscles, there can be issues with the central nervous system,” said Dr. Weiss.

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