Deri Appointed to Lead Shas


deri-and-yishaiChacham Ovadia Yosef, head of the Shas party’s Moetzet Chachmei Hatorah, has installed R’ Aryeh Deri as the next leader of the Shas party. The news emerged this morning.

Eli Yishai, the former party leader, will receive a “consolation prize,” according to reports, though it is not clear was that will mean.

Chacham Ovadia’s decision is expected to be announced by him publically soon.

Prior to the recent elections Deri and Yishai were appointed by Chacham Ovadiah to serve as a dual head of the party. Yishai has been at the helm of the party for about a dozen years. ┬áDeri’s return to politics this year has changed the dynamics of the party leadership, however.

In other news, Yisrael Atias will be replacing Avraham Michaeli in the leadership of Shas.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. I don’t like this new set up. Yeshai did nothing wrong! Why are they throwing him under the bus?

    This is a big mistake. Matzav, please don’t edit my comment. I’m speaking the truth from the heart.

  2. Seems like people forget that Shas was concieved of, and founded, by Deri. Yishai only got there because Deri had to temporarily step down. Things now are as they should always have been

  3. As much as Eli yishai was a great party leader, it’s only right that the party be returned to deri’s control…he was the one who took the blame for the scandal which landed him in prison

  4. Why expect this party to behave any differently than parties in general? When things go wrong, parties often shuffle personnel rather than get to the root of the problem


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