Dershowitz: Obama Must “Expose and Fire” Official Who Insulted Israeli PM


Dershowitz Renowned Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz made it clear that the case is not closed regarding the Obama officials who personally attacked Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu as a “chicken….” and a “coward” — taking a stance that opposes ADL/Foxman’s position that the case on this issue is “closed.”

On Thursday, November 6, Professor Dershowitz told Newsmax TV host of “Midpoint,” Ed Berliner that President Obama “must get to the bottom of this, find out who the two people are who made those statements, expose them, and fire them.”

Dershowitz added that “Congress can have hearings to determine who those two senior White House officials are who used those terrible words about PM Netanyahu.”

Dershowitz made clear that Congress can and should compel testimony from Administration officials and demand the identities of Netanyahu’s ad-hominem critics, and he also added that the President has a role to play whether Congress prods him or not. In responding to this ugly personal attack against the Prime Minister of the Jewish State of Israel, the White House spokesman’s reply was weak and insulting by merely calling, it “inappropriate,” “counterproductive,” and “not our position.”

Also, in response to a barrage of questions by the press, the White House spokesman Josh Earnest repeatedly avoided responding to whether the Obama Administration will seek to identify the Administration officials who made those remarks, and whether the President will fire them.

Surely, if these remarks were made against the PA’s dictator/President Abbas, Turkey leader Erdogan, or even Iran’s leaders Rouhani or Khameni, not to mention any other leaders who are allies to America, the officials would have been exposed and fired.

The disgraceful language senior Obama officials used defame the Jewish State and its Jewish Prime Minister. The Anti-Defamation League’s Abe Foxman’s duty was to exhibit Jewish self-respect by making it clear that the episode is not over until President Obama apologizes for these officials’ words, identifies them, and fires them. If ADL’s Foxman would not exercise that duty, they had no right or authority to declare the case closed. They are not the arbiters of the Jewish community. The ADL speaks on;y for themselves and their supporters.

The President should be made to understand that he cannot get away with anything less than an apology, and identifying and firing these officials, especially given the other ugly name-calling that has been attributed to Obama’s officials such as calling Prime Minister Netanyahu, “obtuse, blustering, pompous, and aspergery.” Obama even said to the President of France through an unknown open microphone which recorded him complaining, “I have to deal with Bibi every day.”

The well-known economist and commentator Ben Stein has recently stated on national television that he is shocked that the Obama administration has gotten away with all of this with no repercussions.

{Gavriel Newscenter}


  1. My sources in Washington D.C. tell me that buzz is going around that it was V.P. Joe Biden who made those comments.
    If Obama hasn’t fired him till now I guess it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

  2. When Dershowitz demands something, does anyone listen?
    Or does he just say these things to remind everyone that he is still pro-Israel?


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