Developer: City Needs Me to Renew Coney Island


coney-islandTwo New York City Council committees have voted in favor of a Coney Island renewal plan spearheaded by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Yesterday’s votes move the renewal plan closer to a full vote by the entire council next week. A private developer who owns land the city needs to redevelop the amusement area by the Brooklyn boardwalk says it can’t be rehabbed without him.

Developer Joe Sitt says that the almost 11 acres he owns there are his “sandbox.” Sitt says he hopes to play a role with the city in the future of Coney Island.

The city would like to turn the waterfront into a year-round entertainment complex with an updated amusement park. That includes plans for high-rise hotels and the city’s first new roller coaster in more than 80 years.

{NewYorkNow/ Newscenter}


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