Donovan Richards Emerges As Clear Winner In Special Queens Council Election


donovan-richardsNew York – There is finally a clear winner in last week’s special election for a southeastern Queens City Council seat.

Donovan Richards was ahead by just 26 votes based on election night results, but after more than 600 absentee and affidavit ballots were counted, Richards emerged with an 80-vote lead, just large enough to avoid triggering a hand recount.

Richards served as chief of staff to the previous City Councilman, James Sanders, who is now a member of the State Senate.

The second-place finisher, Pesach Osina, conceded, saying he looks forward to working with Richards on behalf of the community.

The city Board of Elections could certify the results as early as next Tuesday.

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  1. Hmm, a win by 80 votes… How many voted twice? We should have voter ID’s, perhaps put a thumb print on each ballot. Don’t hold your breath though, Dems will fight tooth and nail to hold on to their rigged elections.


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