Door-To-Door Mail Would Stop For Millions Under Proposed Law


us-postal-serviceMillions of Americans would no longer get mail delivered to their door but would have to go to communal or curbside boxes instead under a proposal advancing through Congress.

The Republican-controlled House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, on an 18-13 party-line vote, approved a bill Wednesday to direct the U.S. Postal Service to convert 15 million addresses over the next decade to the less costly, but also less convenient delivery method.

Democrats objected to the plan, and efforts in recent years to win its adoption have failed.

The measure falls far short of a comprehensive overhaul most officials agree is needed to solve the postal service’s financial problems. The committee’s chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., acknowledged that at the outset but said it “provides an interim opportunity to achieve some significant cost savings.”

Converting to communal or curbside delivery would save $2 billion annually, Issa said, quoting from estimates that door delivery costs $380 annually per address compared with $240 for curbside and $170 for centralized methods. He said less than 1 percent of all addresses nationwide would undergo a delivery change annually and that communal boxes offer a safe, locked location for packages, doing away with the need for carriers to leave packages on porches and subject to theft and bad weather.

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  1. Yes it has to stop.

    Mail is a dying business.
    Its like trying to sell record players. You aren’t exactly going to sell as many items as Apple.

    How can people expect someone to take an envelope and hand deliver it to someone elses door for around 50cents.
    UPS and others charge $10-$15 for the same service.

  2. there should be an option, for a fee, to have something delivered to the door. it would still be much cheaper than UPS and FedEx, and wouldn’t hurt USPS either.

  3. The privatization mania has officially jumped the shark. Mail delivery has traditionally been one of the functions of the government of a “developed” country – including this one when it used to be. Of course the US Mail is losing money. First of all, it isn’t the “US” mail any more, since it’s been privatized.

    Second, if you want customers, you offer services. An eight-year-old could figure this out. If you have to pay to get mail delivered, and you never know if/when it will get there, you will use UPS or FedEx instead. Cutting services means losing customers. I don’t pay bills by mail any more because I never know if the check will get there in time, or at all. I use email because I want the message to get there before next month. Why pay half a dollar for casino reliability? Bring back the service, and you’ll bring back the customers.

  4. USPS has not kept up with the times! A private company would have made many changes years ago to remain profitable. They didn’t accept credit cards in post offices until years after credit cards were commonly accepted. The lines in the post offices are much too long. Mail forwarding doesn’t work. I still have to pick up forwarded mail from the old address. If you want to be sure a package will get somewhere overnight, you can’t rely on the USPS. You have to use UPS or FedEx. I could go on and on. If they don’t become more efficient they will go under. But since it’s a govt. agency, we’ll all have to pay!

  5. Its the corrupt Union Thugs who killed the USPS. There is no normal business that has such a high pension rate like those crooks.

  6. You are all pretty stupid people, wait until it really stops and you will see how you really rely on this service. Not everyone is so electronically attached that they live on their equipment. What would happen if all of a sudden your great equipment fails? There are hackers all the time trying to get into your devices and if you bank that way and pay your bills that way, what then happens, even heard of identity thieft

  7. Then they’ll really lose money. No one is going to want to get or send mail anymore by USPS. I know someone who lives in a development where the mail box is a block away from his house. He only takes out his mail every few days. It is ridiculous!


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