Drama in Bnei Brak Matzah Bakery


matzoh-bakeryThere was drama at the Mishmeres Hamatzos Matzah bakery in Bnei Brak that has brought about major changes there. After baking their matzos, members of a chaburah noticed wheat kernels on some of the matzos. Panic gripped those in the bakery.

It started early in the morning when the yeshiva students who rented the bakery came to bake their matzos for Pesach. The bakery allows chaburos to rents out their facilities under the hechsher of Rav Moshe Yehudah Leib Landau.

If the particular chaburah wants the hechsher, they have to follow the strict guidelines set out by Rav Landau.

In this case, the chaburah members brought their own sacks of flour, and after they finished baking, grains of wheat were found on the baked matzos.

The bakery owner told the chaburah heads that they are obligated to notify Rav Landau of the occurrence.

When Rav Landau arrived at the scene, he examined the situation and paskened that the ovens needs to be kashered. Regarding the matzos baked thus far, he said that they are to be considered chometz.

Following the incident, the owner decided to implement stricter practices, stating that private groups cannot bring their own flour into the matzah bakery.

{Chabad.info/Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. People have to be erlich but normal.

    Everyone in the bakery uses one type of wheat, why do you need better and even better? Tzaddikim of yesteryear had choice words for these machmirim.

    The Ropshutser Rebbe ZT”l said the letters of F”RUM ???? in yiddish stands for Fil Rishis Vainig Mitzvos

  2. #4 Both types of matzos have gone through lots of improvement over the past 50 years.

    Erev Pesach matzos are a big inyan, but, we have to be very careful about checking them….

  3. Strange story. Kernels of wheat have no place in a matzah bakery. The wheat is ground into flour somewhere else and only the flour makes it to the bakery. If there are kernels of wheat on the baked matzah, then someone put them there on purpose. More likely, this is just part of the story and we have not heard all of it.

  4. All that happened was that a chaburah had a bad mill and then did NOT sift the flour as required by halacha.
    If the flour was properly sifted there could not be grains in the matzoh.

    I fail to understand why this was chomets? If the matzos were well baked within the proper time then a kernal that was wetwas baked too. This is why many people were Machmer to not eat Gebrokes.

  5. The nigerian rebbeim were very makpid on shmura matzos and they would actually make it themselves. this should be done by all, even those not nigerian chassidim.


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