Eichler: Prosecute Arabs from ‘Snowfight’


yisroel-eichlerMK Yisrael Eichler (United Torah Judaism) contacted Internal Security Minister Yitzchak Aharonovitch on Monday, demanding that the Arab thugs who ganged up on two frum Yidden in Yerushalayim last week be prosecuted.

The incident was caught on video and was first featured by Matzav.com on Motzoei Shabbos. Since then, tens of thousands of people have viewed the video, which has been widely disseminated.

In the video, the Arabs can be seen hounding the two Jews, hurling chunks of snow into their faces, kicking one of them and removing the hat from the head of the other.

In his letter to Aharonovitch, Rabbi Eichler reminded how the police widely publicized an incident just two weeks earlier, when an Arab complained against chareidim, whereas this incident was ignored by most mainstream Israeli news outlets.

Rabbi Eichler also pointed out how in similar incidents not involving chareidim, the media does not mention the origin of the attackers.

“A week ago I heard two similar reports in one newscast,” wrote Eichler. “In one report, two chareidi boys were arrested on suspicion of attacking and beating an Arab from east Jerusalem. In the second one, ‘youths’ from Eilat were arrested for abusing and robbing Eritreans. The difference is that in Eilat the nationality of the attackers was not mentioned, nor their ethnicity nor any other identification besides them being ‘youths’, while in the Jerusalem incident it was stated that the boys were ‘chareidi’.”

“The police must deal with crime, even when there is no complaint and there is visual proof,” he wrote. “Therefore I would ask you to order an investigation and arrest the attackers who enjoyed abusing Jews in the snow because of their traditional dress. This could get much worse if the police do not act; next time they hit Jews, it won’t be just with snowballs.”

Police Jerusalem District Spokesman Shmulik Ben Rubi told Arutz Sheva on Monday morning that the police have launched an investigation into the video and are trying to locate the people featured in it.

Click below for the video, first posted on Matzav.com:

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Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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  1. It will not help prosecuting them, if anything they will become heroes in the eyes of their peers, and there will be at most a token penalty such as a fine. What will help is to make Arabs afraid of disturbing, let alone harming, any Jew. If the wonderful democratic state which supports all its citizens as long as they are not haredim, can’t do it (thus proving itself to be not a sovereign state but rather a banana republic), then it should at the very least put out a warning, that Jews who are recognizable as such should not go in Arab areas of the “unified” capital city, including areas within the Old Town, because it is dangerous and police will not get involved.

  2. Wait soon will see the anti chariedi say that this clip was made by Photoshop and it is realy the chariedim who are beating up the non chariedim.

  3. Hopefully this unfortunate incident will bring us together: The Chareidim will realize that Arabs hate Jews regardless of us being Zionist or not, and we have a halachik obligation of hishtadlus to defend ourselves and other Jews – at least as much hishtadlus as we use to get parnosa. The Zionists will realize that the medina does not stand for Jewish interests and security, we still are in golus(sorry galut) even when we are in our own land.

  4. I as a non-Jew from the UK have amazing friends amongst who are Chassidim, just watching this clip really pained me much watching G-d fearing and humble Chassidim being attacked by these Arab low-lifes who have nothing better to do but hang on street corners and do absolutely NOTHING constructive and look for trouble as I witnessed when I was in E”Y, whereas all Chassidim of all ages learn Torah, work and spend time with their families.
    I totally agree with the first five lines by Charlie Hall comment #4, couldn’t have said it any better. May Hashem protect Klal Yisroel!!!!


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