Eric Cantor: White House ‘Irresponsible’ on Israel


eric-cantorThe second-ranking House Republican blasted the Obama administration as “irresponsible” in its dealings with Israel, accusing the White House of trying to curry favor with the Arab world by deriding America’s closest ally in the Middle East.House Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia also declined to condemn Israel for announcing the construction of more settlements while Vice President Joe Biden was on a visit to the country. Many diplomacy experts saw that move as a snub to the Obama administration, hurting relations between the longtime allies.

“While it condemns Israel, the administration continues to ignore a host of Palestinian provocations that undermine prospects for peace in the region,” Cantor said in a statement. “Where is the outrage when top Fatah officials call for riots on the Temple Mount? Why does the Palestinian Authority get a pass when it holds a ceremony glorifying the woman responsible for one of the deadliest terror attack in Israel’s history? Surely, the Administration’s double standard has set back the peace process.”

Tensions between Israel and the U.S. are heating up on the heels of Biden’s visit. The settlement announcement, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed as coincidential, has soured relationships between the nations. The U.S. has long been opposed to the expansion of settlements.

White House officials have been on the offensive on this issue.

David Axelrod and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have offered a sharp rebuke of Israel’s actions. Axelrod, appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday called it an “affront.” Clinton called Netanyahu Friday to express her discontent with the decision to expand settlements. Israel said the announcement did not purposely coincide with Biden’s visit.

Cantor said “Israel has always been committed to the peace process.”

“For this administration to treat our special relationship with Israel, one of our closest and most strategic Democratic allies, in this fashion is beyond irresponsible and jeopardizes America’s national security,” Cantor said.

{Politico/Noam Israel}


  1. this is the chances the congress and the true americans that love the jewish nation to bring down the obama administration to its knees the time is now we must call our congressmen and let them know that is not the way to talk to the jewish nation with the help off tiffela to hsham obama will have an mapulah

  2. We should petition our representatives on behalf of israel but we need email addresses for this does anybody have addresses to the white house and our congressmen?

  3. We should be commending eric cantor and telling him how gratefull we are to him for speaking the truth on how we should be treating the israel. Does anybody know his email address or phone number


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