Ex-IDF Military Intelligence Chief: Iran Strike “Is Not a War, This Is a One-Night Operation”


idf-chief-amos-yadlin“We all share the same data, the same intelligence. We are also on the same page on the strategic goal to prevent Iran from being nuclear,” the former head of IDF Military Intelligence Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Amos Yadlin told the AIPAC policy conference on Monday. Yadlin, who today heads the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University, said “time is running out in 2013.”

“We, the Israelis, come [to the issue] with the Holocaust. We are six million Israeli Jews listening to Ahmadinejad calling for Israel’s destruction. You come with a different trauma, Iraq. You don’t want another war, understandably.” But, Yadlin added, “This is not a war, this is a one-night operation, and we should speak about it.”

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. This guy is dreaming – or talking politics. Iran isn’t going to sit still for any strike on its territory. We had enough with Saddam’s Scuds and the little guys from Gaza. What are we going to do when the big ones come over from Iran? Iron Dome can’t stop them all. And Iran has a real army, and lots more guys to put in the field than we do. And why shouldn’t they just walk over Iraq and Syria? Who’s to stop them? Note that Yadlin is RETIRED. He’s not the one that’s going to have to deal with it.

  2. that’s why israel has neutron bombs and iran doesn’t . one neutron bomb is greater than 1 billion soldiers. So since israel has countless of these neutron bombs i don’t think there is an issue with Iran starting up with Israel. Neutron boms radiate and kill instantly people but homes, cars, and anything not human is not effected. There is also no radiation left over after neutron bomb so anyone can come and live there after a week…

    in fact In November 2012 a former British Labour defence minister Lord Gilbert, made the suggestion that enhanced radiation reduced blast (ERRB) warheads could be detonated in the mountain region of the Afghanistan/Pakistan border to protect against infiltration.

  3. This whoe issue of Iran can be fixed in less than an hour. A US B2 Bomber which has never been detected in history by any radar system, flies by and drops a few EMP bobs that do nothing to people or vegetation or agriculture or atmosphere. Instead it destroys anything that has a wire and can conduct a signal. Hence in one second the area buiding the bomb will bcome a dark zone and they will need 20 years to rebuid atleast. Then we fly by again. No human casualties except the ones stuck in the mountain because now the elevators and air circulation systems don’t work. Thats even better because now the brains behinf the nuclear bombs in Iran will be dead.

  4. By the way the Iranians should thank the Israeli’s because if not for the Israelis they would actually manage to blow themselves up during the process of making a nuclear bomb to destroy israel. It would be a cruel joke played by the russians on Iran. The russians do have a sense of humor and despite everyones beliefs that russia does hate israel, believe me they hate Iran more.


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