Experts: Be Careful of “Glued Shut” Lulavim


lulavimDaled Minim experts in the Holy Land have once again warned the public of lulavim that have been treated with acrylic glue to prevent opening. Inspectors have found that a significant number of lulavim have undergone a process of being soaked in a bath containing “an acrylic adhesive.”

The Chief Rabbinate, in the past, has said that there are different opinions amongst religious authorities regarding whether lulavs that underwent this kind of “treatment” are kosher. Merchants who sell these lulavim are required to make “full disclosure” to the customer regarding the use of the glue.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. I was told by my Rav years ago, after bringing my Lulav to him for inspection, to put a drop of crazy glue on the top of the middle leaf so that it will not split open even if it hits the wall or ceiling. I do it every year with great results. I can shake to my heart’s content even on Hoshana Raba without fear of it splitting.

  2. Velvel,

    Your case was specifically where the tiyomes was already kasher. The warning from the chief rabbinate likely refers to the situation where the tiyomes was split to the extent of psul and then it was glued to give the appearance of being kasher. See the book ????? ?????? ??????? in the chapter about lulavim quoting Rav Nissim Karelitz for a reference.


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