Fake Jewish Wedding In Radzanów


Non-Jews in the Polish village of Radzanów, eighty miles northwest of Warsaw, enacted an authentic looking Jewish wedding. After a wedding replete with a kesubah, men with boots, long coats, fake beards and peiyos danced in a circle to Jewish music while tichel clad women swayed to and fro in the background.

This was part of an East European nostalgia for the past, including in areas where the Jews were driven out and killed. Jewish-themed restaurants operate in Ukraine and there are Jewish cultural festivals in Krakow, Warsaw and Budapest.


{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. Honor call huh? Pogroms bicker while they turn up a jewish song to laugh in their grilled humor. Next urge is not love thy neighbor. They were all killed.

    Finally, crying in Poland will be realistic. They bet vented humor.


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