Fake Kosher Butcher in Boston Agrees to Pay Fine


gordon-alperin-butcher-shopSomething wasn’t kosher at a Newton butcher shop. Acting on a tip, investigators from Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Office learned that the Gordon & Alperin Butcher Shop was advertising “Kosher Meat” when the shop was no longer kosher certified.

Under a settlement agreement, Golbos Inc., operator of the Gordon and Alperin Butcher Shop, and its principal, Ricardo Bosich, agreed to pay a $1,000 fine to resolve allegations that they violated the Massachusetts Kosher Food Law.

Gordon & Alperin had previously been certified as kosher, but discontinued the supervision around September 2008. Still, they continued to represent on their storefront and their Web site that they were a kosher establishment.

In addition to the monetary payment, the defendants have agreed to refrain from advertising practices that mislead consumers into believing that its products are kosher unless the establishment is certified kosher.

Bosich, who cooperated with the attorney general’s investigation, has informed the attorney general’s office that the shop is now resuming kosher supervision.

Bosich, the owner, did not return a call seeking comment.

See a previous note from the storeowner here.

{Boston Herald/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. no wonder the rav took off his hechser” the rav is a big posek in boston. the letter scares me a little bit b”h nthing was bought from them.

  2. A $1,000 fine is nothing! People selling non-Kosher meat as Kosher are making far more money than $1,000 profit in their pocket! As a first step, besides a huge bigger fine than this, they should be forbidden by the court to ever be in the kosher business again!

  3. I lived in newton for many years. This guy had Kosher certification from numerous Rabbis over the last few years. I remember them being under Rabbi Cywiak, Cantor Schonfeld, KVH, and Rabbi Hamoui. I know that the KVH pulled their hechsher in 2007 that’s when they took Rabbi Hamoui. I wonder why KVH took them back? I also heard that they contacted Rabbi Lieberman. But I don.t think he ever certified them.


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