Five Armed Israeli Teens Detained Amid Crackdown On ‘Scary Clown’ Trend


Five Israeli teens in the southern city of Ashkelon armed with knives and sticks were detained by police who are in the midst of a major crackdown on a nation-wide “scary clown” trend among youths.

The five teens, aged 13 to 16, told police that they were carrying the weapons in case they encountered the “scary clowns”.

The trend, in which youths are dressing in frightening clown costumes and lurking in city streets and parks at night in order to scare passers-by, started in the US last year and has since spread internationally, sparking a counter-movement of other youth gangs arming themselves against the clowns.

Police have warned that both trends — the clown impersonators and armed counter-gangs — are illegal and could result in serious harm if clowns are mistaken as a credible threat. Read more at i24 NEWS.










    • Israelis’ always try to surpass them with immoralities and impieties. Wait, these G-dless Israelis would soon burn flags and destroy mekomos hakedoshim.

    • If they don’t stop Israeli clowns, they’ll soon find Arab hiding in them. Clowns and burqas have to be banned completely.


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