Fiveish In Flight On The Shmorg7 Making Waves


oorahReliable sources tell Matzav that the animation “Fiveish in Flight,”feature film on the Shmorg7, has been making tangible waves in the Jewish community. The following is a statement made by one of the producers at Oorah: “In an effort to combine the lessons and stories that we all love with revolutionary cutting-edge technology newly available, we have created a finished product that is truly incredible to us all.” And the word ‘incredible’ is aptly put. The Shmorg7’s full-feature 3D musical animation hits the mark straight-on. The island of Binglazoo (setting of the animation) was created by a full team of animators who worked months to design a complex world complete with a culture and atmosphere like no other. Designed by a separate crew of animators, the detailed structures of the many characters has given a unique personality and charm to each rig, making them come to life on-screen. It’s no wonder the film has been receiving only positive feedback.

In the few weeks since the Shmorg7 was released, the 3D animation has caused a great deal of fanfare all over. It seems that children all over have been kept busy in the days before Pesach with what’s been labeled “the newest and greatest in Jewish entertainment worldwide.” A mother from Brooklyn states, “I never thought I’d find something that all my kids (including my teens!) would want to see, which I would actually approve of them watching.”  The culmination of this creation has surely raised the bar for Jewish media entertainment, with a fascinating adventure story about Fiveish and friends, outstanding musical arrangements, and intriguing detailed animation throughout every moment of the film.  Watch a preview of the film here.

Editor’s note: The Shmorg7 is available exclusively with a minimum donation of $40 to the Oorah Auction. Donation deadline to receive your Shmorg7 before Pesach is today (3/31/15).

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