Following Backlash, Sears Removes Anti-Semitic Merchandise


Early this morning, Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo reported that the American department store Sears was selling anti-Semitic t-shirts saying “Free Palestine” and “End Israeli Occupation” on its website. This sparked outrage from pro-Israel groups and individuals who found Sears’ decision to sell anti-Semitic propaganda to be distasteful and problematic.

After Kredo published the article, a spokesperson for Sears contacted Free Beacon and said that the t-shirts “were being sold by a third-party seller via the Sears Marketplace” and that the department store was removing the merchandise. However, the spokesperson took umbrage that individuals singled out Sears instead of Amazon, WalMart, and eBay as well as noting that Sears nearly employs 200 individuals in Israel.

Not only is there no “occupation of Palestinian territories,” but also the call to free “Palestine” is deliberately anti-Semitic. According to the “Palestine” Liberation Organization and countless other anti-Israel groups, “Palestine” represents the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea where Israel is currently situated. By that logic, in order to free “Palestine,” Israel must be completely destroyed and the Zionist project of Jewish self-determination and statehood in formerly Islamic lands must fail. Read more at DAILY WIRE.


  1. He has a good point. Walmart though, has been anti semitic since it’s beginning. Sam Walton was known as a vicious anti semite. He would never take contracts from Frum Yidden. This is a known fact.


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