For L.A. Investigator, Exposing Kosher Meat Fraud Was A ‘Mitzvah’


eric-agakiA semi-automatic weapon sits propped beside the front door of the ranch-style home that Eric Agaki shares with his wife, a couple of goats, some chickens and a horse. Only it’s not the real thing.

“That’s an air gun for raccoons,” Agaki says. “For intruders I’ve got other things.”

Agaki, 41, is particularly concerned with home security, and with good reason. A private investigator for the past 10 years, Agaki has put murderers in jail and staked out hundreds of spouses suspected of extramarital affairs.

Most recently, he exposed the unkosher business practices of the Doheny Glatt Kosher Meat Market, one of this city’s largest purveyors of kosher meats.

Days before Passover, Agaki showed a group of Los Angeles rabbis the video he shot of Michael Engelman, Doheny’s owner, loading boxes of meat into the trunk of an SUV in a McDonald’s parking lot. A second video showed Engelman at his store in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood, where a worker carried the boxes inside. The mashgiach, or rabbinic overseer, was nowhere in sight.

As a result of Agaki’s seven-month investigation, the Rabbinic Council of California revoked Doheny Market’s kosher certification on March 24. The following day, the U.S. Department of Agriculture launched an investigation. Within a week, Engelman sold his shop to businessman Shlomo Rechnitz.

All of this happened because of Agaki, though the investigator has not been paid a dime.

“I decided to do it as a mitzvah,” he says.


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  1. “Private investigators” are low lifes of the worst kind! They are people with extremely low self esteem! They get their enjoyment by trying to wreck other peoples lives! I have no problem with beating up these so called “investigators”!

  2. Reply to comment 2: what is that supposed to mean that they r the worst kind by trying to wreck other peoples life. I dont know the story about whether or not the meat was kosher but if it wasnt u should be thanking him for doing us a favor. Do u know what it means to be eating treif meat. Do u know that treif food causes timtum haleiv which affects the neshama. Do u know how many people could have been saved by this investegator. And u go and bash him. How could u. It could be that in this case where the meat was assumed to be Kosher that that there isnt timtum haleiv, but still. Have some Hakaros Hatov. Maybe he chanced upon those videos by mistake and after he had reason to suspect something, then he started investigating. Either way thats not a nice response at all to someone like that.

  3. to #2 semms like you got investigated once in your life and got caught by one of these fine, yet tough people and you lost we are all sorry you got caught


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