Former Czech President Calls For Czexit


Vaclav Klaus criticised the EU over a recent row over migrant quotes which are not being met by the Czech Republic, Poland or Hungary.

The countries risk losing funding from the European Union unless they meet quotas for allowing migrants to enter the country, and take their fair share of the escalating crisis.

Mr Klaus raged at the Brussels bloc, insisting the country should not be punished for not meeting the quota.

He said: “We fundamentally and resolutely protest the decision of the European Union to initiate towards the Czech Republic proceedings regarding the so-called “not respecting” the receipt of migrants on the basis of quotas dictated by Brussels.

“To those who had not yet realised it – by taking this step, the European Commission has shown exactly what the standing of the Czech Republic in the European Union is. And what are the intentions of its top representatives towards us?

“We reject the continued belittling, of us, which has now happened.

“We refuse to permit the transformation of our country into a multicultural society…as we currently see in France and in Great Britain.”

The European Commission voted overwhelmingly in favour of sanctioning countries that failed to accept EU migrant quotas, which aims to share 160,000 refugees under a two-year program.

Mr Klaus said the threat from the European Union should be the reason why the Czech Republic should leave the bloc, reiterating that their voice is not heard. Read more at EXPRESS.




  1. In other words, take in equal amount of terrorists, allow violence and murder in your country or lose funding.

    I would say, if you want law and your in your country and peace of mind get out of the European Union immediately. EU funding is not worth destruction and slaughter by Muslim terrorists.

  2. Eighty years ago, the Czechs were told what was decided about them at Munich. Today the same Germany is dictating via Brussels. The entire European Union, as well as the single currency Eurozone was created by and for Germany, to achieve economically what it failed to do militarily.
    One major difference is that Hitler attempted to get rid of those whom his inflamed mind suspected of undermining the German culture and unity, while Merkel actively invites and settles nomads, who will take her country over. Ultra-pacifism is just as dangerous as uber-militarism.


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