France: US-Europe Trade ‘War Has Already Started’


Europe will stand “united” against President Donald Trump’s trade policies, the French government said on Sunday, adding that the “the [trade] war has already started.”

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said European governments will retaliate against any additional tariffs from Washington in a unified front, as Trump visits the continent to negotiate with leaders and attend a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit in Brussels.

“If tomorrow there is an increase in tariffs, like in the car industry, our reaction should be united and strong to show that Europe is a united and sovereign power,” Le Marie said, speaking at an economic conference, Reuters reported.

“The question is no longer whether or not there will be a trade war, the war has already started,” the minister added.


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  1. This photo with all President and Prime Ministers bending towards President Trump shows that President Trump is the leader of the world.


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