Frum Man Beaten and Called ‘Dirty Bloody Jew’ in Brooklyn


chassidimfrum man was beaten and subjected to anti-Semitic insults in Brooklyn today.

The victim, 53, was waiting for a train in the Williamsburg neighborhood when one of three suspects approached him and tried to steal something from his pocket. When the victim turned around and caught the thief, he was called a “dirty bloody Jew,” according to police, the New York Daily News reported.

The suspect attacker then spit at the victim, grabbed his umbrella, and used it to hit the victim on the head before fleeing the scene. The victim pursued his attacker, but was then assaulted by a second suspect from behind, who called him a a “[expletive] Jew” and kicked him several times. A bystander who tried to intervene was also attacked before the suspects fled onto a train.

The New York Police Department’s Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the assault.




  1. Everyone needs to respond by contacting their local political representatives. Each attack is an act against every Jew. Have we forgotten the pogroms of Europe, the Chevron massacre and now a shul in Yerushalyaim and a supposedly safe Brooklyn neighborhood. No one should be silent.
    it is obvious we must be mispallel but our histadlus should not permit us to sit idly by while we are attacked


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