Frum Man to Be Contestant On “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”


joey-gutmanJoey Gutmann, 20, a senior at Queens College, will be a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire today, May 20, and tomorrow, May 21, seen locally in the New York City area on WABC-TV at 12:30 p.m. Joey, who lives in Manhattan and is the son of Avram and Shuli Gutmann, is majoring in Political Science. His mother came to the Millionaire set with him and sat in the studio audience as his on-air companion for the show. Every morning during his commute to Queens College, Joey would study for the Millionaire hot seat with massive┬átrivia books and almanacs, which “definitely caused people to stare.” He said that if he won big on the show, he would attend law school and donate some of the money to his shul.

Joey is known among his friends and family for “his smile and his sneakers.” He loves to smile, and his most prized possession is his beat-up blue and orange sneakers. His dad calls them his “Bozo the clown shoes,” but Joey won’t part with them. He refers to them as his “trademark” and even wore them for his hot seat appearance!New for this season, the “Ask the Expert” lifeline enables contestants to connect with a pre-determined “expert” via a live face-to-face Skype video call on any question past the $1,000 level. Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money with Jim Cramer, will sit in as expert for the show airing today. Former Millionaire contestant Ogi Ogas, who won $500,000, will serve as expert for the shows airing tomorrow.

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  1. When “frum” people lower themselves and appear on Television shows, that is a sign that Am Yisrael has sunken to new lows

  2. … and he had a tough time getting there!!
    He was first called for a Yom Tov taping date and had to turn them down.

  3. mordechai,

    if a smart bochur has a chance to win 100’s of thousands of dollars on a game that happens to be shown on TV and use the money for good purposes, your just a close-minded loser to have to be negative about it

  4. Joey we are rallying for your success. Hope that you will have the dough for law school and tzedakah for your shul.

  5. He even says specifically he’s giving money to his shul. Why should we insult him Mordechai? Are you going to match the money that he would not have been able to give otherwise?

  6. HaKoidesh HaTohor Rabbeinu HoRav Avigdor HaKohen Miller, zy’a always taught to BENCH YIDDEN THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE(a legitimate) PARNOSSA.
    So we wish Joey: ZAIN GEBENTCHT!!!

  7. Can you wish someone goodluck for a show that was already taped?

    The beauty of the yidden…if he wins…he will go to law school and give money to tzedaka….if he loses …he will go to law scholl and give money to tzedaka.

  8. Please Time, please don’t make offensive remarks. There is no need to call anyone names. Hatred is not allowed, go apologize to Mordechai to be forgiven.

  9. i agree with both mordeachai and the others-yes, mordechai may be a little jealous deep down because he isn’t in joey’s place but he does have a point! there IS something wrong with a frum person being on a TV show, in front of the rest of the world and part of something so gashmiyusdike that (should) belongs exclusively to goyim. a jew with any jewish pride should not come to the point of being so intimately involved with chukos hagoyim. yes, his intentions may be good and he’d like to give tzedakkah to his shul and go to law school but chances are that he’d be taking out loans to go to law school regardless of the situation and he’ll give his ma’aser money from whatever future job he may hold to his shul. so even though he has noble intentions, he really should not be going into this if he is a self-respecting frum yid. also, he spent so much of his time studying and preparing for this, isn’t that major bittul torah?!?! i understand that not everyone’s cut out for learning full time, but it’s not like he’s learning and happens to be preparing for this, he’s in college and i’m sure he has plenty of college work to do! this is just food for thought, he’s doing it anyway but maybe this will enlighten you as to why it is not appropriate for this to be going on!

  10. Nu, I agree that he probably shouldn’t gone on, but now that he did, it’s definately good that he is using the money for a good thing. Joey, Hashem should help you and everyone around you use the money for a good thing.

  11. Forget about whether Joey is right for appearing on a TV show – How dare – The online voice for Torah Jewry, print this???

  12. Its time I respond to my criticizer’s. Jews have an obligation to show the rest of the world that we are different. We are supposed to be mekadesh Shem Shamayim daily. We say in Yom Tov davening” Asher Bochar Banu mikol am ” . We are forbidden to mingle with goyim, to try to act like them and try and emulate them. Television symolizes filth and everything contrary to yiddishkeit. When a frum Jew appears on television, it demonstrates that we are no different and we are striving to assimilate. This my friends is against the holy Torah and everything that we stand for. No, I am not jealous that he has the opprtunity to win money. Just because he might donate to Tzedakah, that does not make it appropiate. The problem with American Jewry, is that we have become so influenced we fail to even recognize the problem, thats the bad part. Its so sad that people refuse to see the light

  13. not every news item has to be “important”, it’s just interesting and thank you matzav for posting. mr holy mordechai and jewish pride who never come close to TV or computers of course have to bash the guy who thought of a creative way to make some $. Nowadays, with every possible shmutz availabl at the click of a bottom, only mordechai and mr. jewish pride are on the madreiga to condemn a fun little amusing game like this and to proclaim “bitul torah” etc etc. For the rest of us, I think it’s just amusing and not the end of the world.

  14. a kiddush hashem pais and a yarmulke and a smile and his mommy with him kivud aim and a big balaei tzedakah and a buckey in law he want to save the good people from the bad. and wearing tzittzes andthe hotess of show is wearing a shaitel. and he is in the parshah

  15. JP and Mordechai, for the record, Mr. Gutmann was at the time of the taping of the show, and continues to be now as a law student, admirably following the Hirschean ideal of Torah Im Derech Eretz. He is now, as he was then, very much kovea ittim laTorah, learning bechevrusah every day.

    Winning a contest may be an unusual way to earn tuition, but it is not neged haTorah. I have it on excellent authority that many august bodies like Pirchei Agudas Yisroel sponsor contests in which children compete for prizes, including cash prizes, and may I point out the enormous number of Chinese Auctions and raffles with large cash prizes that are sponsored by what seems like every yeshiva, gmach and tzedaka organization on earth?

    Nor is TV in and of itself tref. Like any human invention from the flint knife to nuclear power, it is merely a tool that can be used for good or for evil, and “Millionaire” is hardly less wholesome than the weather report.

    You are evidently of the ilk that believes that ANY secular culture is tref. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, but you must know that gedolim from Rambam and to Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch disagree.

    It was a bad idea for the admirable Mr. Gutmann to appear on TV: not because appearing on the show was wrong, but because it opened him up to the slings and arrows of people like you two.

  16. Simply put, Jews could never really become non-Jews. No matter how much Jews may consciously attempt to appear and behave like non-Jews, they nevertheless retain the values of Judaism.


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