Frum NY Woman Chosen as Finalist in “All Stars Among Us” Magazine Contest


tizrl-goldmanPeople Magazine has launched a new contest, titled “All Stars Among Us,” naming individuals who have gone “above and beyond to serve their community.” The contest’s web site lists individuals who have made a difference in the lives of others, three finalists who were chosen to represent each Major League Baseball team. The top vote-getter for each team will be honored at the 2009 MLB All Star Game, and one will be featured in People Magazine.Tzirl Goldman, founder of the Friendship Circle at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Crown Heights, was selected as one of three finalists representing the NY Yankees.

Tzirl is also the director of Soul II Soul, a yearly benefit concert to raise funds for the education of children with special needs.

To vote for Tzirl, click here and select NY Yankees.

{COLlive/Noam Newscenter}


  1. A frum woman in “People” magazine? You’ve got to be kidding. Since when is “People” magazine – that pinnacle of tabloid excess – proper reading for frum people? And how great it’s going to look to see a frum lady published in its pages!

  2. I just voted, though I’m not a Yankees fan. I’ve seen another chapter of the Friendship Circle and it is an amazingly impressive institution.


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