Gabbai Almost Blinded By Auf Ruf Pekelach


pekelachThe Crown Heights community is cracking down on sweets after one of the Lubavitcher gabaim, Yosef Losh, was injured this past Shabbos day and almost lost his eyesight. Reb Yosef , who stands on the bimah platform during Krias haTorah in the main shul at Lubavitch World Headquarters in Crown Heights, is often pelted with candies customarily aimed at a nearby chosson. This past Shabbos, One of the candies hit Reb Yosef in the eye, leaving it badly wounded.

An expert in astronomy, Reb Yosef  was scheduled to lecture Tuesday and Wednesday in Moscow, Russia, on Birchas Hachammah.

“I can’t see in the eye and have to smear ointments,” Reb Yosef  told COLlive Monday as he departed to his flight.

“It’s serious damage and I’m not sure in finished with it. The doctor told me that statistically I should be fine. I will have to see a doctor in Moscow too.”

Reb Yosef  said that he was hit on the white part of his eye, and added that “if it would have hit a little more to the center of the eye – the black part – it would be ‘forget it.’ It was a miracle.”

Gabbaim are considering new regulations for the candies traditionally thrown at auf rufs, Reb Yosef said.

“If a chosson wants an aliyah (in the central Lubavitch minyan), he must give us a deposit of $100. If someone throws a hard candy at him, he loses the money,” Reb Yosef said.

Party favors which will include raisins, popcorn and toffee will be available for purchase by Yosef Yitzchak Kratz, the sole provider of Kiddush services in Lubavitch World Headquarters.

Reb Yosef  also suggested that if hard candy is tossed, the Kiddush purchased with Mr. Kratz will be cancelled. “You got to go all they way,” Reb Yosef concluded.

{COLlive/ Newscenter/Photo: COLlive}



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