Gaza Palestinians Fire Rocket At Eshkol Region



Palestinians in Gaza fired a Kassam rocket at an Israeli community in the Eshkol region near the Gaza Strip on Friday morning.

The rocket fell in an open area, causing neither casualties nor damage.

It was the third time that Gaza terrorists have fired rockets at Israel since the conclusion of Operation Protective Edge, last summer’s war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

IDF soldiers swept the area and found the remains of the rocket.

Initial reports had indicated it was a false alarm.

It was the first alarm in the area since November 7, when residents heard the siren followed by explosions.

At the time, the Israel Defense Forces said that Gaza terror groups were testing their rockets and that the missile had fallen short of the border.

Eshkol Regional Council head Haim Yalin faulted the government for failing to seek a comprehensive accord in the wake of Protective Edge.

“Anyone who thinks that IDF deterrence is a solution that will provide quiet for the Gaza border region fails to grasp that the outcomes of wars are decided by statesmen, who bravely bring about quiet and security,” read a statement from Yelin, who this week announced that he would run for a Knesset seat with the centrist Yesh Atid party.

“After Protective Edge, the country had a remarkable opportunity to bring about a long-term agreement,” he added. “But instead we find ourselves with a clock ticking down to the next escalation and the next war.”

Israel launched Operation Protective Edge on July 8 with the stated intention of stopping Hamas and other groups’ rocket fire on Israeli cities.

More than 4,500 rockets and other projectiles were fired into Israel during the 50-day conflict.

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