Gen. Uzi Dayan: Hamas and Hezbollah Will Attack Israel Again


maj-gen-ret-uzi-dayanFormer Israeli national security adviser Maj.-Gen. (res.) Uzi Dayan told the Jerusalem Post on Monday that both Hamas and Hezbollah can be expected to attack Israel again, as “they are terror organizations – terrorism is what they do for a living.”

If attacked again, Israel should seek to eliminate terrorist leaderships, and push hostile organizations out of their territorial bases, said Dayan.

He also warned that both Hezbollah and Hamas would profit if Iran joins the nuclear club, as they would be able to operate under a nuclear umbrella provided by Tehran.

{ Israel}


  1. why don’t people open up their eyes & see the truth?

    Sefer Zecharia Hanavi was written over 2000 years ago & is written in it directly-so you can see with your own eyes-a list of things that will happen in the pre-Mashiach days. one of them being that the bnei yishmael (the muslims) will be the last ones to fight klal yisroel before mashiach comes.

    all these arab & muslim countries are bnei yishmael & they are ALL fighting against eretz yisroel today.

    can anyone please assist me with a true answer why every piece of muslim news sounds like we are in denial & don’t realize this & also never read sefer Zecharia?


  2. I fully agree with Shlomo and always feel the same way…. Simply wondering how many of us grasp that, try as we migh, we can never fight a reality that has been foretold and outlined for us thousands of years ago. We should feel euphoria, although I’ll admit it’s scary, that Moshiach’s arrival seems very very imminent!!


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