Ger Ashdod Enacts Takanos for Simchos


gerThe Gerrer community in Ashdod has instittuted a number of new takanos aimed at cutting the costs of making simchos, especially during these trying financial times. Some of the new takanos include: 1. No renting clothes for simchos, 2. Reducing presents for the mechutanim and their family, 3. Reducing the costs of a bar mitzvah and 4. No purchasing of flowers after the engagement for a kallah.

Some further takanos:

Upon making a shidduch, a small party is made at home, no flowers are bought, and an inexpensive watch may be bought for the chosson/kallah.

The Spodik has to be bought by the chosson and the kallah is responsible for her shaitel.

The costs of the aufruf are being reduced as well. The women only have a small Kiddush and the seudas Shabbos is only for the men.

Read the full Chareidim report here.

{Yair Israel}


  1. What’s wrong with a spodik? They look fine. And if they’re made of artificial fur they’re not even too expensive.

    Why should a Chasid want to look like a cowboy from Texas? How many cows are there in Yerushalayim?


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