Google Says Electronic Snooping by Governments Should Be More Difficult


internetIf a government wants to peek into your Web-based e-mail account, it is surprisingly easy, most of the time not even requiring a judge’s approval.

That is a problem, according to Google, which said it had received 21,389 requests for information about 33,634 of its users in the second half of last year, an increase of 70 percent in three years. Google handed over some personal data in two-thirds of those cases.

The vast majority of the requests came from the United States government. In the last six months, United States officials made 8,438 requests for data, and Google complied with at least part of the request 88 percent of the time.

Read more at THE NEW YORK TIMES.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Rather hypocritical, I must say. Google snoops into everything you do on the web, including reading email. You get ads based on topic of your emails.


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