Great Neck Schools Warn of ‘Specter of Antisemitism’ After ‘Gassing Jews’ Facebook Post


great-neck-schoolBy C. Coffey

Great Neck Schools Superintendent Dr. Thomas P. Dolan responded on Monday to a recent antisemitic post on a school-themed Facebook page, and linked the incident to the emerging “specter of antisemitism.”

The response follows a report in the New York Observer relating to the offensive post on the Great Neck South High School, Class of 2018 Facebook page.

The post featured what appeared to be a picture of a child, altered to appear as though the child were dressed as Hitler. The caption reads: “I’D RATHER BE GASSING JEWS RIGHT NOW.”

Great Neck Schools did not reveal the identity of the person who made the antisemitic Facebook post, but indicated that the individual was a student in another school district. Dolan assured the community that the student’s homeschool was contacted, the post removed, and the police notified.

In a letter to the community, Dolan described the “major evil” of what he called the “specter of antisemitism and other forms of racism.” He also described the minor evil of anonymous Internet posts. The Superintendent promised to use education to eliminate hateful statements.

According to the Observer, there was a similar incident last year at another Great Neck school after a student painted a picture of “Adolf Hitler in full uniform, including swastika.”

The Algemeiner Journal

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