Greenfield Hails Landmark Deal on Astoria Cove


david-greenfieldNew York – Today, Councilman David Greenfield, Chair of the Land Use Committee, and Councilman Costa Constantinides, who represents Astoria, announced a landmark agreement on the Astoria Cove development project that is before the City Council for final zoning approval. Astoria Cove, an Alma realty project, has been fraught with controversy throughout the land use review process, specifically over the affordable housing component and union labor.

Today, Councilman Constantinides came to an agreement with the developer. The developer has pledged greater affordability, and a significant investment into the neighborhood’s infrastructure, a meaningful win for the residents of Astoria. For the first time in New York, the developer may not construct any units unless they include building affordable housing. The project will contain a historic 27% of affordable housing. Also negotiated as part of the project are improvements to a NYCHA senior center, a local park, public library and a ferry dock.

“This agreement is significant not only because Councilman Constantidnides was able to win so much for his community, but also for setting the tone for future projects that will come before the City Council for approval,” said Councilman Greenfield. “What we have said here is that the community’s needs cannot be steamrolled in the rezoning process. The Council will fight to ensure that anyone who seeks to change the zoning meet the needs of the community that they are developing in. This project is the perfect trifecta – it provides thousands of good jobs, 468 units of affordable housing and many improvements to the local community.”

Council Member Constantinides (D-Astoria) said, “I am happy to have reached this historic agreement on Astoria Cove. For the first time in City history, this developer will be required by law to provide permanently affordable housing that is within the reach of Astorians. Twenty-seven percent of the entire development will be affordable at rates better than previously offered – 20% of the development will be reserved for low-income households and monthly rents will be as low as $800 per month. These rates make the agreement innovative, contextual, and inclusive of our community.”

The 1,723 unit project passed the Committee on Land Use today by a vote of 17 in the affirmative, zero in the negative and one abstention. It is now headed back to City Planning and then to the City Council for formal approval before the end of the month

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