Gun Permits Skyrocket Despite Gun Control Push


The number of concealed carry weapons permits is soaring to new levels despite the rabid anti-gun activism following a slew of school shootings over the past year.

Issued CCW permits increased approximately 275 percent over a ten-year period, from 4.6 million permits in 2007 to over 17.25 permits in 2018, according to a study released Friday by the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC). The number has been increasing year over year and is forecast to continue trending upwards.

The study also found that CCW permit holders are “extremely” law-abiding citizens. For example, in Florida and Texas, two states with the largest number of permits issued, permit holders are convicted of misdemeanor and felony crimes at one-sixth of the rate that law enforcement officers are convicted.

Read more at Daily Caller.



  1. Not “despite” but “because of”. As was a common refrain in the gun community over the past decade: “The greatest gun salesman in history was Barrack Obama.”


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