H.R. McMaster Calls Charlottesville Attack ‘Terrorism’

President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, Gen. H.R. McMaster, called the deadly attack on protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia an act of terrorism. “Certainly I think we can confidently call it a form of terrorism,” he said on NBC’s Meet The Press. “What terrorism is, is the use of violence to incite terror and fear, and of course it was terrorism.”


Trump was vague about the attack, choosing to blame “many sides” for violence. McMaster refused three times to answer whether or not he could work with Steve Bannon, the president’s chief strategist and self-proclaimed godfather of the alt-right. Read more at NBC NEWS.



  1. There’s not even a percentage of doubt that it was deliberate terrorism by the liberals against normal upstanding people, sponsored by the Nazi collaborator George Soros who swore to take President Trump out by a coup or whatever it takes. This attack was totally planned by this evil man (who most probably did it in honor of his 87th birthday). Who know what a rasha who should be jailed and his entire money confiscated has in his corrupt evil mind?

    Here’s proof it was staged by the left with the Fake News behind it. Brennan Gilmore, a liberal shebe-liberal, former State Department employee, CIA aid, “happened” “coincidentally” to be right there at the time filming it from “the beginning to the end” and even followed the car but moved out of the way when the leftist maniac driver plowed into the people. But it gets better… Gilmore had already “coincidentally” received a pre-approved message from CNN to be interviewed. So he was contacted by CNN on the scene “before” his video even went viral – what a “coincidence”!

    And naive people are still accepting CNN Fake News reports.


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