Halevy Speaks Out About NYPD Beating After Judge Dismisses Charges Against Him


ehud-halevy-1Brooklyn – A  judge today formally dismissed charges against a man whose beating by police was caught on tape.

Two officers confronted Ehud Halevy, 21, at a Jewish youth center in Crown Heights on October 8 after getting a 911 call saying he was sleeping without any clothes on.

When police arrived he was wearing pants, but a confrontation later ensued when he resisted arrest.

The youth center said Halevy was given permission to stay there.

Speaking to reporters outside the court room, Halevy described the chain of events.

“I swore at him, he tried handcuffing me, I pulled my arm away and he started beating me up,” said Halevy.

“People not only in the city but all across this country were outraged when they saw that video. And what we would hope is that Commissioner Kelly takes a hard look at the video and once again we call upon the NYPD to improve its training,” said Halevy’s attorney, Norman Siegel.

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office says it decided to drop the charges after reviewing all the evidence.

One of the officers involved is now on modified duty pending an investigation.

Click here for video report.

Source: NY 1

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. more important than “punishing” the officer who used excessive force would be to analyze wether and why there are antisemitic tendencies in the NYPD, especially in jewish neighborhoods.

  2. anybody know how the police got involved in the first place? THey dont just go around doing spot inspections of youth centers….

  3. #7 – LJ,

    Shame on you! That’s all on you can say to us, your fellow Jews? For this reason (and others) we have not merited that Hashem (not some human born in 1902) has not yet ended our galus.


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