Hamas: End the Blockade or There Will be Another War


hamas-deputy-leader-mousa-abu-marzouqHamas deputy leader Mousa Abu Marzouq said today that the group does not want another war with Israel, but warned more fighting is inevitable unless the blockade on Gaza is lifted.

The comments were made in an interview Abu Marzouq gave to The Associated Press (AP).

In the interview, Abu Marzouq insisted that Hamas won the war, despite the apparent military setbacks.

He said his group’s popularity among Palestinian Arabs has increased and that it would likely defeat Abbas and his Fatah movement if elections were held today.

He warned that failure to negotiate a new Gaza deal and a lifting of the blockade would “lead to another war.”

“We don’t want that, and the Israelis, I guess, don’t like to see that (war) again,” he told AP, adding that the people of Gaza lived in a difficult situation before the war as a result of the blockade.

“We can’t put the Palestinians after the war in the same situation,” said Abu Marzouq. “They (the Israelis) have to change their policy.” Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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  1. It is obvious that having just LOST the war they don’t want a war just now.If they dont want war let them disarm and shnor money from their brothers,like Israel did and they can have PEACE&PROSPERITY like Israel has


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