Help Provide Tzitzis for IDF Soldiers

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tzitzis-soldiersAs you read this, I know your heart is somewhere else. Like all of Klal Yisroel our hearts are aching for the young boys in Gaza risking their lives as they fight door to door, at the mercy of bloodthirsty terrorists. We cry over the ones we have lost, the wives who will never see their husbands, parents who will never forget them, and children who will never know them. They are  making the ultimate sacrifice for us, and we would do anything for them. B”H we don’t need to.

The IDF provides them with the most sophisticated armor in the world. We needn’t supply them with guns or ammunition as was requested of diaspora Jewry during the War of Independence. However there is one piece of armor that unfortunately is not provided by the army, and that is the mitzvah of tzitzis.

In an unbelievable display of the awakening of the Jewish heart, thousands of soldiers who have never worn Tzitzis in their lives are requesting them from the Mezakim (an organization that helps provide IDF approved Tzitzis for religious soldiers) before they enter the battlefield. Unfortunately Tzitzis aren’t considered a “necessary” need to their uniforms. Between you and I, Tzitzis are the MOST necessary garment they wear on the field. Just as our Torah and Tefillos guide their aim, the Tzitzis are the real bullet proof vests to protect their bodies.

We sit here and wonder what we can do to help our fellow brothers – for just $11 we can help not just protect our boys from physical harm, but we can help many perform a mitzvah they have never done before. With successful donations in the last month alone we have distributed over 5000 pairs of Tzitzis.

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  1. I just came home for a few days.. i was in gaza my self and recived tzitzit from the man in the picture above..
    i don’t know who wrote the comment about the rabbinate.. but u should be informed that the rabbinate does not give out those special tzitzit…


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