Hikind Addresses Illegal Garbage Dumping in Brooklyn


Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) recently addressed illegal garbage dumping throughout the community after noticing large amounts of trash being left out on street corners. To resolve the issue, Hikind wrote a letter to Superintendent Adam Engleman of NYC Sanitation Enforcement requesting enforcement agents “open trash bags to track down who the perpetrators are and issue a sanitation summons.”

“In addition, I urge sanitation enforcement agents to request and review any video surveillance from the stores and try to determine who is illegally dumping refuse,” Hikind continued in the letter. “The utter disrespect and disregard of a community and its residents by a few individuals should not go unpunished.”

Major commercial avenues, like 13th Avenue in Boro Park, have been subjected to an excessive quantity of household trash and recycling bags, which are often torn, leaving debris scattered along the street. In addition, furniture, construction material, appliances, bicycles and unwrapped mattresses have been spotted on street corners as well.

“Nobody likes to walk down the street and see an overwhelmingly large amount of trash overflowing into the streets,” Assemblyman Hikind said of the quality-of-life matter. “We must do our due diligence in tracking down and fining those who are illegally dumping their garbage. The people of our community deserve a better, cleaner community.”

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  1. I confess to leaving 4 ft. florescent light bulbs in the cirner trash. That’s the only way it ever gets collected. Regular sanitation crews don’t take them. I’ve put them into my recycling can, although the crew took the rest of my recycling they’ve left them behind. I’ve punctured the tips to let the gas escape and still the collection crews haven’t taken them. What is a citizen to do?

    • This happened to me and a sanitation guy told me all bulbs must be placed into garbage bags. I place
      one bag on one side and another on the other side and tie them together in the middle. I have told several people about this. This way they take it.


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