Hikind Calls On Governor Cuomo To Veto Bills Aimed To Stunt The Growth Of Kiryas Yoel


kiryas yoelIn a letter sent earlier this week, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) called on Governor Andrew Cuomo to veto Assembly Bills A07629 and A07639. These bills were specifically designed to stunt the natural growth of Kiryas Yoel, a Chassidic community within the town of Monroe in Orange County.

“All of the land that would be annexed under the proposal have signed petitions from their owners seeking to join the Village of Kiryas Joel. Not coincidentally, all of these landowners are Chassidic Jews who seek to benefit from the services and amenities that joining this village would afford them,” Assemblyman Hikind wrote.

Assemblyman Hikind has been involved in this issue from the very beginning. At a public hearing on the issue of annexation held earlier this month at Beis Ruchel Paradise in Monroe, Hikind spoke for several minutes to the huge crowd. “This is about one thing,” said Hikind. “Orthodox, Chassidic Jews are not wanted. “It’s nice to watch democracy at work. It’s not nice to hear an undertone of hatred.”

“This isn’t about Jews—it’s about Jews who look like the people here, with beards and side curls. They’re ‘different’ because they don’t socialize the same way. Some people have a hard time with that. That’s really what it’s all about. It’s not about annexation—it’s about halting the spread of Chassidic, Orthodox Jews. That’s what they’re scared of.”

“Governor Cuomo, you have remained a champion of justice and a leader to all New Yorkers who look to you for justice and fairness. Please do the right thing and veto these ugly bills in a clear statement that New York State does not discriminate against anyone.”

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


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