Hikind Calls On NYPD Commissioner For Greater Protection Of Community


hikind1Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is calling on NYPD Commissioner William Bratton to provide the level of protection to the Jewish community that he believes is warranted given the rising number of global terror incidents, as epitomized recently in Paris.
“Whether I am in Albany or back home in my district, the safety and security of our residents and their families is the primary concern of everyone that I speak with these days,” said Hikind. “Global events dictate the necessity for greater security at Jewish institutions throughout New York City, which is home to one of the largest Jewish populations in the world. Nevertheless, what we’re experiencing throughout the city is not greater security, but less.”
Hikind explained that following the tragic murder of two of New York City’s Finest and the subsequent threats to the police, the NYPD appropriately responded by having police officers better protect one another. “Officers no longer walk the street alone but rather in pairs,” Hikind explained. “Police scooters are parked and left to rust because individual patrols are too dangerous. Auxiliary volunteers, who wear uniforms but don’t carry guns, can’t assist on less dangerous assignments because they are unprotected targets for those who would seek to harm an officer. In short, despite a greater need for police protection, police coverage of potential targets isn’t increased-it’s halved!”
Hikind believes that Jewish institutions-synagogues and schools-need armed guards posted to protect these large “soft” targets.
“We need a dramatic increase in police protection,” said Hikind. “We must find a way to provide this vital protection to our community members who look to the NYPD to protect them.”

{Matzav.com Newscenter}



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