Hikind Installs Dash Cam; Says You Should, Too


hikindAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), a strong proponent for community security, is highly recommending vehicle surveillance systems to anyone who can afford them. The systems, he explained, commonly known as dash cams, can make a huge difference in the deposition of vehicle-related incidents, from false claims to auto accidents. Footage from dash cams have also been used as evidence in helping to solve crimes.

“Advances in technology have given us a greater means of protecting ourselves and we should take every advantage of those opportunities wherever possible,” said the Assemblyman, who was responsible for bringing $1MM is State-funded security cameras to his community. The state-of-the-art security blanket, which covers high-traffic areas throughout Boro Park and Midwood, has already been useful in bringing local law enforcement a wealth of evidence helping them to identify suspects and solve crimes.

“Cameras don’t lie,” says Hikind. “When there’s a dispute between a motorist and a police officer, a video record of the incident will go a long way toward establishing the facts of a case. My office often receives complaints from constituents who claim that an aggressive or over-enthusiastic police officer falsely accused them of talking on a cell phone while driving, or not wearing a safety belt. With footage from a dash cam, a judge can more easily establish the facts of a case.” Hikind added that footage from these cameras, which can be set up to continue running at night while cars are parked, can also be additional eyes on not only one’s vehicle and home, but also one’s neighborhood.

“As far as I’m concerned,” said Hikind, “the more video cameras the better. Only bad guys fear being watched.”

Hikind recently had a dash cam installed on his car. Hikind’s camera was installed by NYC Fleet Safety on 1260 36TH Street in Boro Park. “We’ve installed more than 1000 of these this year alone,” said owner Booky Kaluszyner. “The majority of people use the cameras to establish facts in the event of a car accident or false claim, but they are extremely useful security devices.”

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  1. If people are afraid to use EZ-Pass because they don’t want to traced, will they install dash cams?? I doubt it.


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