Hikind Receives Endorsement From Flatbush Askonim


flatbush-hikindIndependent leaders of the Flatbush community issued the following statement:

“We are writing to you, our neighbors, to endorse our valued Assemblyman Dov Hikind. Your vote can make all the difference to our families, our community, and our children’s futures.

“B”H, for the last 32 years, we have been represented continually by a man who represents our values. Time and again, Dov Hikind has shown that his allegiance is neither to a party nor public opinion, but to our welfare. Those of us who have lived here and are in the know are proud to trumpet how Dov protects our streets and our interests, from security for our families to State grants that benefit our institutions.

“A Republican in the State Assembly would be completely ineffective as the Assembly will continue to be a legislative house controlled by a vast majority of Democrats. Dov Hikind is a leader in the Assembly with the contacts, clout and experience in Albany to get things done for us.

“More, we are close to seeing the vital Education Tax Credit Bill passed this coming session. For years, Dov Hikind has pushed this issue to the forefront where he now has enormous support for this important legislation, which will benefit all families with children in yeshivas. Together with his ally State Senator Simcha Felder, Dov will see this fight through, as he has delivered for us throughout his career. It would be irresponsible of us to leave our yeshiva families without any hope.

“Do not take Dov’s victory for granted. Every single vote will make a difference in this election.

“Vote for Dov Hikind on Tuesday, November 4, and to urge your family and friends to do likewise. Our strength in numbers will enable Dov to continue his long and successful fight for our community.”

Mordy Avigdor

Chaskel Bennett
Binyamin Berry
Ephraim Fruchthandler
Yitzchok Fuchs
Chaim Goldbaum
Leon Goldenberg
Robert Goldschmidt
Ezra Klein
Mordechai Levin
Mutty Leiser
Shimon Lefkowitz
Shmuel Lefkowitz
Naftali Miller
Ephraim Nierenberg
Yisroel Rabinowitz
David Rappaport
Peter Rebenwurzel
Mendel Schechter
Larry Speiwak
Aaron Tessler
Moshe Zakheim

{Matzav.com Newscenter}



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