Hit-Run Demon Violated Probation


julio-acevedoThe Brooklyn hit-and-run driver who killed R’ Nachman and Raizy Glauber and their newborn son last Sunday violated his probation in 2007 just a month after he was released from prison, according to federal court documents.

Julio Acevedo, 44, served five years in a Virginia federal prison on felon in possession of a firearm charges but was slapped with eight days of house arrest after a probation officer found two letters from prison inmates on his dresser.

It was a violation of Acevedo’s release to associate with any felons.

“On a positive note, the offender was referred and recently accepted to The Doe Fund’s day program,” the court document reads.

“He will also take advantage of a number of opportunities The Doe Fund has to offer, i.e. GED programs, vocational training, and permanent job training.”

It doesn’t appear Acevedo followed up on those opportunities. When he waived extradition in Pennsylvania for the hit and run, he said he was unemployed and only had an 11th-grade education. Acevedo was arraigned on charges of criminally negligent homicide for the tragic wreck.

Source: The New York Post

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  1. My mother a”h taught us that Hashem is “ha’tzur tomim p’alo” in the sense that while a judge of flesh-and-blood can’t possibly take a “criminal”‘s family into account when judging him (ie. not imprison him because he has a family),Hashem CAN. So long as people need us because we truly help them, we will have merits which may save us from harm. Why? Because if those who depend on us do not deserve to lose us,Hashem will preserve us for THEIR sakes!

  2. (posted 1 second after above post)Wait, I have one more thing to say! That does not mean that when we lose someone we love, we “deserved” it in a bad way; it means Hashem knows THAT WE CAN DEAL WITH IT.


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