Identifying Problematic “Turkishe” Talleisim

1 has been informed by shatnez experts that some consumers are not clear about which Turkishe talleisim have the shatnez problem (see original report here). Some feel that they don’t have to worry because their Turkishe tallis is thin, not thick. The Turkishe talleisim containing shatnez, however, are not the thick type, they are the thin type. They are manufactured by Greenvald and were sold mostly on the East Coast. These problematic Turkishe talleisim have a very specific pattern within the first black stripe. Examine the photo here below and see if your tallis matches this pattern. If it does, get it checked before you wear it again.

turkish-talis{Dovid Newscenter}


  1. I have recently seen at a Frum hat store in BP that they were selling “kangol cap” STYLE -Stetson Company hats that were shatnez. Please check the label before wearing it. This specific one says wool and linen on the label.


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