IDF Officer: Hamas Is ‘Deterred’ And Unable To Rebuild Terror Tunnels


idf tunnelIsrael’s Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip last summer has “left Hamas deterred and restrained, and has created potential calm for years to come,” a senior Israel Defense Forces Southern Command officer said Tuesday, Israel Hayom reported.

The officer, referring to Operation Protective Edge’s dismantling of Hamas’s network of terror tunnels running under the Israel-Gaza border, said the Palestinian terrorist group “has been unable to make use of the tunnels we destroyed” despite its efforts to rebuild them.

Meanwhile, as part of the operational lessons learned from last summer’s Gaza conflict, the IDF is striving to improve its own tunnel warfare abilities. A new tunnel discovery system is slated to become operational in the next few weeks, and the IDF is developing new technology to counter underground threats. The IDF officer said those initiatives still require budget appropriations.


{ Israel}


  1. If they really think that hamas is not building new tunnels or rebuilding some of the old ones Israel is in big trouble

  2. Yehudah, I’m not sure if you’re at the top rank of Israeli security and intelligence gathering, but if you are you should tell someone to look more seriously into the tunnel issue. If you’re not a ranking intelligence officer then I would humbly suggest giving the world’s most successful military the benefit of the doubt here. (I, for one, am confident that Israel is monitoring this and we’ll aware of the tunnel situation.)


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