IDF Takes Out Hamas Headquarters After Rocket Reaches Be’er Sheva


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continued to pound targets in Gaza on Thursday after Palestinian militants in the enclave fired more than 180 rockets at communities in the south of the country, in a relentless barrage that left one woman seriously injured.

For the first time since the 2014 Gaza war, a rocket was fired from the enclave and exploded in an open area near the southern Israeli city of Beersheba on Thursday.

In response, the IDF destroyed a five-story building in West Gaza city that it claimed was used by Hamas internal security forces.

The building “was used for military purposes as well and there are also offices of Hamas members in it,” the IDF said in a statement.


    • Fake news. Fake propaganda headline. Israel are a bunch of European cowards. Their whole leadership stinks. Their military is very weak. Anyone can send a rocket to hit an empty building, even a country like Madagascar. If I was Hamas, I would invade Israel now. They can’t defend themselves. They are like the beryonim at the time of the churban. They acted like they were tough guys. They also did a lot of tough talking. They burnt a couple of battering rams that belonged to the Romans. They killed a couple of their soldiers. Big deal. A couple of weeks later they were all dead and the bais hamikdash was burnt to the ground. Israel is making a mockery of themselves by destroying an empty worthless building. The so-called “Charedie” MK’s are just as bad. Pheh!

    • No Hamas won’t come begging on their knees when all they see is Israel’s weakness – pounding sand and empty buildings and empty fields like fools. Hamas is rolling from laughter and making fun of Israel’s “strength”.

  1. It wasn’t so “EMPTY”. The Hamas are working to create pictures of how full of children, women and elderly were inside.
    They will send it around the whole world – includyng the White House and Matzav to show what kind of people live in “OLD PALASTINE” know to others as Israel.
    The imhabitants of Kiryas Joel and well as Seven Palms will also sign and vouch for the truth of this fact.

    Now, 2:17, you should be able to sleep better.

  2. Waste of yiddish gelt!!!

    The champions of Kochi are truly powerless. Not because they don’t have the bombs, but Hashem has let their anti Jewishness play out. The most important thing for them is how the Goyim look at them.

    This is the results! Care more of their goyisher image than to protect their families

    Shame on them


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