IDF to Har Bracha Students: ‘Find New Yeshiva or Serve 3 Years’


idf-soldier1The IDF will give a clear ultimatum to soldiers learning at Yeshiva Har Bracha, according to a letter obtained by Army Radio this morning.

“Soldiers will be given a period of 60 days to switch to another Hesder yeshiva,” read the letter. “Any soldier who refuses to move to another yeshiva within the given period will leave the Hesder track and serve the full three years.”

The ultimatum came eight days after Defense Minister Ehud Barak announced his decision to remove the yeshiva from the Hesder roster, in response to Har Bracha rosh yeshiva Rabbi Eliezer Melamed voicing support for insubordination in the army.

In response to the letter, a number of Har Bracha students told Army Radio that they had “no intention of looking for another yeshiva.”

The report added that Har Bracha was planning legal action to try to reverse Barak’s decision.

{Yair Israel/Jpost}


  1. All of Yeshiva Har Bracha’s talmidim — as well as those of all other hesder Yeshivos if possible — should announce they will not join the army altogether; but they will rather be full time Yeshiva students just like the Chareidim Yeshiva talmidim who never join the army.

    That will be hesder’s ultimatum to the army.

  2. The Rebbe ZY”O already predicted that if you hook up with the Israeli Gov’t, they will end up dictating to you what to do.
    Here they go.


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