Illinois to Lock Painkiller Pill Bottles


painkillers medicineNext year, Illinois will become the first U.S. state to put locking devices on some prescription painkillers to discourage abuse of the drugs. The pilot program—proposed in a bill signed into law this week by Gov. Bruce Rauner—will use numerical locks on painkillers that contain hydrocodone (aka Vicodin or Norco).

“Too many Illinoisans become addicted to these powerful medications,” state Sen. Iris Martinez, a sponsor of the bill. “This legislation will help prevent individuals who haven’t obtained a written prescription from using hydrocodone, a dangers drug when used without a doctor’s supervision.” Read more.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Huh?
    If a patient has a prescription and thus a bottle of pills, he hardly will leave them around so that they’re free for the taking. He will in fact take good care of the medication, lest someone steals it – y’know, it is possible to sell them, as opposed to giving them away for free. If the bottle, in spite of his owner, was stolen for illegal consumption or resale, it can be smashed or cut open. If the patient is illegally reselling, he will provide the “customer” with the lock code. While the bill is harmless and perhaps can do some good (e.g. preventing children or elderly from accidentally taking dangerous drugs) it is a waste of money, not to mention I see no reason for singling out this particular medication, among countless other medications and chemical substances which are dangerous. Shall we put numerical locks on every bottle of bleach?


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